Korres Lip Butter

As we are deep in the heart of winter (even though I haven’t had a snow day here–boo!) I know I get better about my skincare. I finally begin to moisturize, because if I don’t I am a very unhappy girl indeed. I get seriously dried out! My nose, knuckles and lips are the worst, so facial moisturizer, body butter, and lip balm get added to the nighttime routine. Also, some of my lipsticks can be too drying, so I’ve been changing up my products.

Last week my friend Marcie passed on an offer for a deal on Korres products. Korres is a Greek cosmetics company with a homeopathic focus. I’ve used their foundation for a couple of years, so I jumped at the chance to get some Korres product! Turns out they’ve discontinued my foundation, so I’m experimenting with mineral makeup for the first time. More on that another day. To fill my cart and use up my one-time-only deal, I bought two pots of Korres Lip Butter.

This stuff is fantastic. It comes in seven different tints: Jasmine, Mango, Guava, Plum, Pomegranate, Quince, and Wild Rose. They range from clear to deeply tinted, which, since it’s a balm, is not that pigmented.

I bought the Quince and the Plum tints. The Quince is perfect for just a little bit of color. It is a pretty pink color. The Plum is my favorite, though. It’s got a little more color, and it gives a nice flush to the lips, like you’ve been out in the cold.

These lip butters don’t use any petroleum; instead they use natural oils. I don’t know if it’s because of this that I don’t seem to have the “chapstick effect” when I use them. My lips don’t feel super-dry without them, and I don’t feel the need to apply them nonstop. They actually last for a long time (without gunking up). You only need a little bit, too. They have a very faint, natural scent to them, and no flavor.

So, Korres Lip Butter is my new go-to. What’s your winter go-to?

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