Saturday Night Cinema

There’s something about Saturday night and awesome old movies. When I was a teenager, going around to a friend’s house (or the rec room of the dorm) and watching a video on the VCR was a popular pastime. Still today, I love to see a 90’s romantic comedy on the television–I almost always get sucked in to watching it. Last Saturday night was such a night, as I discovered Only You playing on television. Starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr., it’s about a women who was told that she’d marry a man named “Damon Bradley”, and her desperate chase of a man of that name just as she gets engaged to someone else. She goes to Italy to find Damon Bradley. She thinks she’s met him, when it turns out she’s fallen for Peter Wright instead. (Mr. Wright–get it?) It’s a charming comedy, and pretty much Italian vacation p0rn.

One of the things I always loved about the film was Marisa Tomei’s costumes. Simple, flowing, long dresses were her main choices as she floated through Italy. As I watched the movie on Saturday, I was updating her outfits for 2012 to present to you.

Waiting...Inspired by Only You

GAP long sleeve top, $45
American Eagle Outfitters long top, $20
ASOS reversible pants, $25
Nine West wedge heel shoes, $50
GG Collection Small Wall Fountain, $425

Waiting for Mr. Wright
An updated version of her palazzo pant outfit with espadrilles. This movie was costumed almost solely in black, white, and red. I decided to update it with a coral color, but keep a matching pant and tank, with a contrasting ivory ballet wrap cardigan.

Searching...Inspired by Only You

American Apparel knit dress, $75
Strappy heels, $44

Searching Through Rome
Faith (the main character) is running after Damon Bradley through Rome, and loses a shoe. Peter Wright finds that shoe, and then claims to be Damon Bradley. Love the color of this dress, a deep red, but save us from the carwash hem! Updated, a super-sexy body-conscious dress in a similar red with a shorter hem–but not too short. For a bit of texture, add a shoe that she couldn’t lose with a suede gladiator. But I guess that wouldn’t be optimum, after all.

Dinner...Inspired by Only You

Deena & Ozzy ivory heels, $50

Dinner in Positano
One of the most incredible dresses Faith wears is to have dinner with a man she thinks is Damon Bradley in the picturesque town of Positano. Simple though it is, this dress had drama, with an open back and a flowing drape. A Rachel Palley jersey dress has the right amount of drama in a slightly updated silhouette. A dramatic tone-on-tone wedge is appropriate for strolling cobblestone streets.

If you haven’t seen Only You, SEE IT. Need more encouragement, besides the great outfits?



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