Butter Nail Decals: An Exercise in Futility

You know that rack, right by the front counter in places like Ulta and Sephora? With all the trial sizes and fun little things? It’s a TRAP. I can’t walk by them without seeing something that I just HAVE to have. And some of those things aren’t even trial sizes–they’re just normal products that happen to fit the display. Therefore, it’s not like they’re cute and cheap.

Butter London’s Nail Skin Stickers sucked me in. I’ve tried nail decals, I’ve tried press-ons, I thought that this product would be similar. I loved the design–black background with various flowers and birds.

There are twelve to a package, so two to spare. The base of the stickers are strangely shaped–the base is oval, and the tips are squared off. They actually fit a little better upside down, but then you lose the design. So I put them on as expected. Most were too narrow for my nails.

The nails are very long, so unless you have crazy long nails, you need to cut them down. The instructions say that you can use a nail clipper, and then file down the excess.

I used my clipper, but it was like clipping through a sticker. I couldn’t get all the way across, and the adhesive gummed up the clipper. When I tried to file it, it shredded the tip of the sticker and showed the white paper underneath. I found it looked better to try to clip it close. I couldn’t cut the shortest one down to size, so it wrinkled at the tip instead.

I did love the look of them, but they annoyed me from the get-go. I sealed them with a topcoat, but that felt silly since it was a topcoat on a shiny sticker finish, but it did have free edges where the sticker didn’t come all the way to the nail edge.

They didn’t even last me four hours, let alone the 48 advertised. The edges were rolling, and the tips were coming apart. I ended up taking them off, and no one even got to see my pretty nail designs. Except for you people In this cautionary tale.

Sorry, Butter London, you let me down.


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