Best of Furnished Souls 2011

2012 is almost upon us! It’s been a good year here at Furnished Souls. My second year of blogging, with some fun posts along the way and great discoveries. I decided to do a quick review of the best of the year.

Best Interior Decorating Theme

Chinoiserie (January 20)

Best Dress

Who’s That Girl dress from Modcloth (February 15)

Best Nail Polish

Zoya! (Duh. Of course) (Multiple dates, including March 22)

Best Makeup Discovery

Tarte True Blood lip tint (June 26)

Best Makeup Look

Sugar Skull Makeup (October 4)

Best Internet Discovery

Pinterest (January 15)

Best Music

Oh Land (May 30)

Best Book Recommendation

The Hunger Games (January 27)

Best Advice Given

Take a compliment! (March 28)

Best Snark

Jane Pratt Doesn’t Like Me (May 17)

Best Fug

Forever Lazy (October 14)

Best New Style Icon

Rooney Mara (December 16)

Best Imaginary Boyfriend

Joe Manganiello. Of course.

Here’s hoping for new bests in 2012! Happy New Year!


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