Way back in the day, I used to have acrylic nails. It was part of my whole “I can’t keep nail polish on for more then ten minutes” dilemma. There were things I really liked about them (low-maintenance, polished) and things I didn’t like about them (no variety, destroyed my nails, sometimes looked fake, had to be a regular expense). I never liked the thickness of the nail, either. At that time, nail art was largely reserved for the acrylic nails, but the rows of disembodied fleshy hands with long nails were always a little creepy.

In my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster, I received a sample of imPress press-on manicure, and of course, I was slightly skeptical. Were the nails going to look fake? Would they fall off when I was least expecting it?

The sample I got was the “Wink Wink” design–a french manicure with an airbrush-look flower with a glitter center. They were oddly work-appropriate; I didn’t feel like they would be too much for the workplace, despite the black flower.

They are so simple to apply–find the right size for each finger, line them up, take the backing off, and press them on. I was worried that they wouldn’t adhere fully, but they do! It saves from another fear of mine, which was getting infected fingernails from stuff trapped under them. One tip for application: better too small than too big. I had a hard time fitting the middle nail on my right hand, so I initially picked one that was slightly too big. That nail didn’t last the day before I took it off and replaced it, because it was aggravating my nail bed. The smaller nail didn’t cover completely, but it wasn’t noticeable, and it was comfortable.

The claim is that they last up to a week, which may be true, but I took mine off after four days. I was ready for a change, and I had worked them pretty hard. There was a bit of wear on the tips, and one of them chipped just a little bit on the edge, but overall they still looked good. They were easy to remove, but didn’t come off before I wanted them to. I got a lot of compliments while I had them on, too. They didn’t look fake or thick at all. Plus, I have broken my thumbnail down past the quick, and it looked horrible. The imPress nails covered that up and made everything look neat and uniform, giving my nail a chance to grow.

I would definitely use these again. Not for everyday, but when you want fancy nails quick, these are awesome. They have a good range of colors and nail art. My expectations were met…and exceeded!

Press-on manicure…would you try?


3 thoughts on “imPressed

  1. Your nails look very pretty!

    How would you say these compare to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects? I did those once and it took me a good 45 minutes to put them on. I also felt like my nail beds were too wide for the sizes they supplied.

    1. Didn’t take me longer than five minutes to apply and I had an almost perfect match for every nail except that one. Also, there are plenty of sizes included in the package.

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