I Found the Line…RIGHT After I Stepped Over It.

I have been wanting a polish with some major bling to it for the festive holiday season. On impulse, I picked up a bottle of Essie’s A Cut Above.

This polish is bright pink with huge pieces of glitter in it. The first thing I noticed was the smell. The overwhelming smell. I’ve been using Zoya for so long that I am not used to the strong chemical smell of other polishes. Also, the technique is a little different–you kind of pat it on with the brush instead of smoothing it on to get maximum glitter dispensation. Other than that, it worked fantastically.

I wasn’t quite sure what to put it over, so I started with something contrasting–I grabbed my Zoya Dove (which is grey) as its companion piece on its maiden voyage. I got some compliments. It looked good.

Then I tried again, and I decided that I’d match, instead of contrast. I picked up my Zoya Emme as the best match. Now, the polish is close to Barbie pink to begin with, with a slight pearlized sheen. It’s walking the fine line for someone no longer in their teens to start with. But then you put glitter on it, and BLAM! It’s mutton dressed as lamb time. In other words–totally inappropriate. TOTALLY.

The evidence:

(The middle finger is Emme unglittered. The cotton wool threads are because I was already trying to take the stuff off. Glitter is a beeyotch to remove!)

So my conclusion is this: yes, I can wear glitter on my nails. But the trick to make it a little more sophisticated is to use a creme polish in a contrasting color. Especially if you have bright pink glitter.

Anyone else have hard lessons that they’ve learned that they can share?

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One thought on “I Found the Line…RIGHT After I Stepped Over It.

  1. I have only learned that glitter polish is a pain to get off! BUT to put it on I generally just sort of put the brush on my nail and let it sort of ooze off. At least it works with the OPI Muppets collection.

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