Sometimes Love Can Break Your Heart

I saw these boots in a time where I actually didn’t have the money for boots.

I justified them.  Here is my rationalization:  They’re Dr. Scholl’s, so they’re comfy.  I need new footwear to go through the winter, because I have a bad habit of wearing ballet flats with no socks all winter long and it will be too cold here for that.  They were on Haute Look, so they were 50% off.  So I put them on my credit card.  Because, what it all boiled down to was they are CUTE.

This was last month.  If you’re not familiar with Flash Sale sites, the premise is this: they take a limited quantity of goods from various brands and sell them at a deep discount for a short amount of time (2-3 days, usually).  You have to be a member to buy from them–they limit their membership, too.  I am a member of several Flash Sale sites–Gilt, My Habit, Fab, Rue La La, Zulily–but consistently buy the most from Haute Look because of their selection and prices.

However, the dark side of the Flash Sales is that if things go wrong, you’re screwed.

My first order ever at Haute Look taught me this.  I ordered a gorgeous green turquoise ring from Amrita Singh.  I received an email shortly after saying that they were sorry, but they oversold that particular ring, and wouldn’t be able to fulfill my order.  It was an $18 ring that hadn’t shipped yet, so they gave me credits, and I wasn’t too troubled by it.  Disappointed, yes, but not going to get too bent out of shape about it.

Yesterday, my boots arrived, after waiting two weeks for them.  I was all excited–the boots feel good, the insides are smooth, the insoles are padded with memory foam–I couldn’t wait to try them on.  I unzipped them, attempted to put my foot in them, and got STUCK.  I checked the sole and saw that they were a size 7.5.  I’m a 9.5.  I was confused–had I ordered the wrong size?  I checked my order on the website.  Nope, I had ordered the correct size.  I checked the box.  The box said 9.5, but the boots were not matched to the box.  I sent a quick e-mail, hoping that I would be able to exchange them.  I got this response:

I sincerely apologize that you received the dress in the wrong size. One of the ways HauteLook can provide such a wide selection and low prices is because typically, we only purchase what our members order once an event is complete. We don’t have a warehouse of pre-selected inventory. For that reason, members are unable to exchange items. I went ahead and created a return for you – you should receive an e-mail with the return details as well as a pre-paid shipping label. Simply print this out, attach the RMA label to the box and send it off with UPS. Once we receive your items back in our warehouse you will be refunded back to your original form of payment. Sorry for the inconvenience and have a great day!

I was beyond astounded.  I’m sorry.  I clearly stated that they were boots in the wrong size, and to get back something so clearly a form letter that no one even bothered to fix to address my individual dilemma seemed thoughtless.

I understand the policies of Haute Look, but feel like more care should be given when the fault is on their side.  Shouldn’t there be a way for them to negotiate with the seller (Dr. Scholl’s) if the order is wrong.  I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake.  I shouldn’t lose out on my beautiful boots!

Am I justified for the way I’m feeling?



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