Oh, Christmas Branch!

I have spent a couple of Christmases in Scandinavia with my extended family.  My parents have always embraced the Nordic Christmas traditions, so it was all pretty familiar.  But my aunt, the perfect hostess and decorator, showed me something new–a Christmas branch.

Similar to the branch seen here, my aunt instead took a piece of curly willow about a yard long, and hung it from the ceiling horizontally.  Then she put a small selection of gorgeous ornaments on it.  It brightened a corner of the living room that otherwise had no Christmas decor.

This is the perfect solution for a small apartment with no room for a tree.  Those who are traveling for the holidays and don’t want to have to worry about a dying tree in their house would also benefit.  Even a house with a tree (or multiple trees) could use this idea to decorate a corner, hang over a doorway (put your mistletoe on it!), or to act as a swag over your holiday table.

Of course, if yo0u choose this, you have to put your swankiest, most bedazzled ornaments on it!  No scratched up or boring ornaments.  My choice would of course be Danish–high-end Danish design jeweler Georg Jensen has new ornaments every year in limited editions.  I collect these; every time someone goes to visit the fam, they bring me one back, even if it’s in the middle of summer.  They are plated with 24-carat gold.


One way or another, break out the pretties for this idea!

Do you have a great Christmas decorating idea to share?


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