Simply Red

My alternative title for this post is “Gingers We Have Loved”. I have dreamed of being a ginger, but have lacked the courage of conviction and interest in keeping up with roots. But I have some gorgeous red-haired Scandinavian women in my family, including (once upon a time) my grandmother. Forever jealous of the amazingness of them, and these people here.

Christina Hendricks
Vivienne Westwood
Deborah Ann Woll
Ewan McGregor
Debra Messing
Isla Fisher
Rupert Grint (Love me that I named this image "Redheads Weasley")
Florence Welch
Toby Stephens
Lucille Ball
Damien Lewis
Prince Harry
Franka Potente in "Run Lola Run"
Emma Stone
Karen Gillan

Any redheads out there? Or too chicken for red hair, like me?


4 thoughts on “Simply Red

  1. Just yesterday I paid $ to get my hairs GINGER’ed. I’m Ronald Weasley on the top, Amelia Pond on the bottom. I love it. Love, love, love.

    Amy Adams has perfect red hair…it’s the loveliest shade & never looks brassy. I hate her. Also, I love her.

    Adore this post, Lisa. ‘Cause you know how I feel about the gingers.

    p.s. Um…you need to be watching Homeland. It’s my favorite new show of the season and DAMIEN LEWIS. The end.

  2. When I was little, I used to stare enviously at my brother’s girlfriend’s (future mother of his kids) hair. However, I would argue with her that her hair was really “orange” and not “red”. I think that I can still make that argument. I mean, if you were using crayons, which crayon would you pick out for the hair? 🙂

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