I have awesome friends. I have been lucky to have some folks in my life who are my soulmates. And today I found that I have had the friend-picking talent for years as I reconnected with a friend I made my first year of college. At eighteen years old I was able to see Elizabeth for the first time and say “I know we’re going to be friends.” And we are, still.

Anyway, today when we got together for coffee and cupcakes, she was wearing a fabulous pair of drop earrings that she made herself. An artistic soul, she makes jewelry for herself and others. She asked me at one point about feathers–she’s working on a project for her mom with feathers, and was thinking of making something for me, too! Whoo! I do love some feathers, so I did a quick look around for feather inspiration. Here are some of my favorites for winter–dramatic feathers for hair, jewelry, even eyelashes!


Angelove rhinestone brooch, $15
Gold bangle, $20
Pieces feather brooch, $13
Wet Seal chain necklace, $8.50
Catarzi fedora hat, $40
Fedora hat, $32
Tasha feather hair accessory, $28
Beauty Is Life Feather Lashes, $30
Ruby/Black Feather Pin, $35

Feathers: yes or no? Dramatic, or understated?


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