Buy it, or DIY it?

In my travels across the internet, I discovered this little video from FabSugar.

Glitter Shoes

Cute, stylish girls take basic pumps and glitter them “a la MiuMiu”. While I love a good DIY, I think that this is NOT something you should do. Props for trying, but first of all, this looks like a hot mess. And all I can imagine is glitter all over the carpet, everywhere you walk. Or getting caught in rain or snow and leaving giant glittery footprints. But mostly it just looks messy and uneven.

But just because you don’t ModPodge your own doesn’t mean you should go without the glitter. As a matter of fact, the abundance of cute, inexpensive glitter party shoes is a compelling reason to buy instead of DIY. Behold, the variety of colors and styles you can buy.

Glitter Shoes

Forever21 gold flat shoes, $17
Glitter platform heels, $12
Privileged platform shoes, $49
Daytrip high heel shoes, $50
High heel pumps, $33
Michael Antonio gold stiletto heels, $40
Charlotte Russe bow pumps, $38
High heel pumps, $50
Charlotte Russe bow pumps, $38
Wet Seal glitter heels, $30
Minx Me glitter pumps, $50
Heel wedge, $23
Glitter sandals, $18

Would you DIY your own glitter heels?


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