November Birchbox Review

I finally got around to reviewing my products from my November Birchbox. It was a pretty good month. But I still wish I got that pop rocks chocolate some people got in their box instead of paper letterpress coasters.

And here are the letterpress coasters I was talking about:

Note that I hiccuped at the end, but didn’t bother to edit it out. I was nearly done, so couldn’t be bothered.

One thought on “November Birchbox Review

  1. I loved my Birchbox this month. Except the coasters. My Zoya polish is a fancy pink called “Izzy.” It’s so me. I also got some fancy fragrance that I wanted to buy…’Cept it’s &170. NAY.

    Also, I wrote this from church. I sit in the second pew, piano side. This is how I roll.

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