Styling a Vintage Fur Stole

Actual conversation from my classroom this morning:

Me: “Get out a piece of paper, youngsters!”

Student: “Stop giving us work to do! YOU’RE KILLING TREES!”

Me: “Actually, I’m supporting the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. GET OUT A PIECE OF PAPER NOW.”

So, it’s all about perspective. And my perspective for several years has been that I’m okay with wearing fur–as long as it’s vintage. I won’t support the fur industry; instead I will recycle. And besides, I’m a vegetarian, so I think I get a pass. I have a couple of fur collars, and I’m always on the lookout for a piece in good shape in antique malls and vintage shops.

My friend Mindy broke through my posting block last night by asking for a little help with her vintage styling dilemma. She owns this fabulous vintage fur stole.

She’s sassy, sexy, and doesn’t want to go full vintage–she is looking for vintage with a modern twist. I say if you’re confident enough to wear a full fur stole, then go all out–embrace the over-the-topness of it all. Look for bright colors, statement shapes, and details. I figured out a few ways to style a vintage stole.

First, a preppy neutral look with some leather edge. The leather piping on this skirt is fantastic, and makes this skirt not too sweet. The buckles and the plaid also add a little edge. General rule to update vintage–keep it slim-fitting. Otherwise (especially with fur) the shapes can be overwhelming. So I chose a longer cardigan with a close-to-the-body fit.

Prep--Styling a vintage fur stole

Cotton sweater, $30
Oasis pleated skirt, $27
Gap, $20
Diba brown boots, $50
Armani Exchange chain necklace, $38

Next, a classic vintage shape in a shift dress, with fantastic colors and major shoes. The shoes! They are freaking ridiculous! There is nothing vintage about these shoes, which helps balance the vintage fur. And of course, I couldn’t make up my mind, so I chose more than one.

Shift Dresses and Extravagant shoes--styling a vintage fur stole

Evening party dress, $45
Shift dress, $50
Dorothy Perkins shift dress, £20
Oasis cut out dress, $35
Dorothy Perkins shift dress, £30
Forever21 platform wedge heels, $28
Poetic Licence platform high heels, $50
Privileged yellow shoes, $32
Aldo shoes, $60
2 Lips Too platform high heels, $49

Speaking of embracing all things over-the-top, how about to bright and amazing maxi dress? Maybe even one with a pattern? I’m in love with these fall/winter maxis.

Maxi--Ideas for a Vintage Fur Stole

Oasis blue dress, $35
Dorothy Perkins paisley print dress, £25
Dorothy Perkins keyhole back dress, £22
madly deeply yours maxi dress in green, $47

Last but not least, a fantastic look with a cropped pant. Again, fur requires a certain level of formality in the clothing you wear with it. So these pants have a fabulous sheen to them. And then, what the heck? Why not add a sequined tank? And top it off with a dark coral color with a big statement necklace, a fantastic wedge, and a big old ring. Because in my world, apparently there is no such thing as too much.

Caliente--Styling a fur stole

Old Navy sequin tank top, $40
ASOS cuffed pants, $58
ASOS cuffed pants, $58
*Sole Boutique high heels, $45
Red coral necklace, $50
Oasis enamel ring, $12

Got any other ideas for Mindy on styling her vintage fur?

2 thoughts on “Styling a Vintage Fur Stole

  1. SON OF A BISCUIT-MAKER! I am buying that first pleated skirt immediately!!! Why are you so good at this?? Sheesh. Can you please move here and dress me every day? Thanks a bundle.

    1. Awwww, geewillikers! Thanks! And thanks for the idea. After looking around and not loving anything, I made this post and love EVERYTHING. This made me very happy.

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