What to Wear: Rooftop Party in December

Over at my Twitter account (@_Freya), my friend Ellie posted an SOS. The challenge? What does one wear to a rooftop party in December? Her husband’s work decided that the dead of winter was the perfect time for an outdoor party. The only saving grace, in my opinion, is that they’re doing carriage rides, too. But what to wear that would be appropriate, stylish, and warm?

My answer? Skirt, sweater, boots, coat, gloves, scarf, and hat. Simple, and versatile. Ellie has an adorable black and white tweed swing coat, so putting one bold color with that neutral black and white palette and sticking to simple shapes seems to be the ticket. My one major extravagance is actually the scarf, which has a ton of volume and detail.

Rooftop Party

Sweater, $50
Tweed coat, $68
ASOS pleated pencil skirt, $50
Liz Claiborne black button boots, $80
Charlotte Russe ribbon hat, $15
Echo mitten glove, $32
Capelli of New York Crochet Ruffle Scarf (Girls), $16

The fabulous thing about this ensemble is once you have the basic pieces, you can mix and match. You could go monochromatic, with a houndstooth check skirt, or another solid color. You could choose to change the color of the sweater from black to white or to another color. The hat could be a soft knit beret, or the gloves could be knit, for a more casual look. You can’t really go wrong with these basic pieces.

Oh, and the actual price on that silk and cashmere sweater right now is $29.50. To die for.

How would you address this challenge if it were given to you?

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