Put a Lid on It

Autumn is upon us, with its crisp air and breezy days. We’re not quite to the cold cold winter stage, but it is around the corner! So, in the spirit of thinking ahead, I am looking at fabulous winter hats with style (of course)!

Winter Hats with Brims

ASOS floppy hat, $54
Hat, $25
ASOS wide brim fedora, $36
Forever21, $23
Charlotte Russe felt fedora, $13

Winter Hats without Brims

Fake fur hat, $36
Charlotte Russe leopard hat, $15
Charlotte Russe ribbon hat, $60
Wool hat, $20
Jessica Simpson brim hat, $48
Heine.de Xmas Christmas Background Silver Stars, €30

They’re so crazy, but I love the blue faux fur hat and the leopard cloche. The cloche in particular is so very ’60’s Mod that it is killing me. That hat, a black wool swing coat, black driving gloves–divine.

Do you stick with knit or do you go for a little pizzazz in your winter headgear?

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