If Money Were No Object…

If you hadn’t figured it out already, I shop price first. I don’t like to refer to “bargain” or “budget”, because this blog is about STYLE, and I don’t want anyone to think “cheap”. But there should be stylish items for every price point, and I go searching for those.

I am also not label obsessed. When I was in high school, my locker was decorated with fashion ads and labels, but more because I wanted to be perceived as fashion-savvy. And I wanted to fit in, because I wasn’t wearing the popular clothes. So maybe if I knew about the popular designers, what I was wearing wouldn’t matter. Of course it did, and I wasn’t popular, but I had better style than the GAP obsessives that I went to high school with, anyway.

Now that I’m older, I know labels. I know fashion. And even though I’m not limited by labels, there are some things that would be wardrobe perfection that are WAY out of my budget. My iconic lust list goes as follows:

Christian Louboutin Shoes

I have always believed (probably erroneously) that if I could afford the really expensive shoes, that it would be like walking on air. I could go for miles and miles in my heels. I wouldn’t ever feel like my feet should be cut off to make the pain stop. Louboutin has the perfect platform, and let’s face it–the red sole is pure class. It’s immediately recognizable without screaming “LABEL”.

Hermes Birkin Bag

There is a damn WAIT LIST for this bag. And it’s not exactly cheap. But it’s huge, and gorgeous, and elegant and understated. And it would last forever and keep coming back in style.

Christian Dior Couture Dress

Christian Dior’s 2011 Spring Couture show was MADE for me. Every dress, every ensemble, even the makeup and shoes made me SWOON. I would have nowhere to wear a couture gown, but I would MAKE an occasion. Grocery shopping? Getting the oil changed? DIOR COUTURE. This one was my favorite, with its ombre and that color of blue, and the asymmetrical neckline, etc., etc., etc. DIVINE.

Fortunately, though I can’t afford any of these things, I can afford that red lipstick from the Dior collection. It’s the little luxuries…

What is on your luxury lust list?


One thought on “If Money Were No Object…

  1. What’s one my luxury list? A closet or wardrobe (like in Chronicles of Narnia) FULL of red Valentino gowns. For no reason other than watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

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