Quick & Easy Nail Art: Ombre Nails

I’m loving DIY nail art these days! I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, like tape manicures and water marbling, but my new obsession is the one that’s so easy and hardly takes any more time than just painting your nails: a sponged ombre.

Simple instructions:
1. Basecoat
2. Two coats of base polish
3. On a disposable sponge tip eye shadow applicator, put a drop of contrasting polish (I prefer a shimmer polish to a matte)
4. Stipple the applicator on the tip of your nail, working toward the base as the polish begins to lessen
5. Repeat 9 times
6. Topcoat

I took a quick video of the process so you can see it in action.

I did a very subtle ombre with similar colors, Zoya Dove and Zoya Jules. Dove is a light grey creme, and Jules is a silvery/gold shimmer. You can also do it with colors with greater contrast. Earlier in the week I did the same manicure with a turquoise as the base. Dark blue looks beautiful with a gold or silver shimmer, like a night sky.

You should be able to use one eye shadow applicator per manicure, then you’ll throw it out.

Base Coat of Zoya Dove
Disposable eye shadow applicators, a dozen for a buck at ULTA.
The finished product!
A different color combo

Hope you find some inspiration here! Enjoy!

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