Music Monday: Kings of Leon

Over the weekend I finally found time and inclination to watch Talihina Sky, the documentary about the Kings of Leon. Those boys remind me so much of a lot of people I know. Ultra-religious upbringing, and they move on to reject just about everything that they’ve ever been raised to believe, but still have close ties with their families and want to please their mothers. Even without the backwoods environment, the story is familiar. Their open use of drugs and alcohol and some bare-assed nekkidness make it eye-opening indeed. (I was kind of shocked and slightly impressed by the ingenuity in the scene where Matthew Followill smokes a joint in an airplane bathroom.)

Most of all, though, it reminded me how much I love the music of the Kings of Leon. Like Caleb says at one point, you have to have to put up with all the crap on the radio to hear really good music (of course, talking about their own songs). They cancelled their tour this summer because of Caleb’s reported alcohol abuse, but I hope they are able to come back and record another great album. Until then, this Music Monday is all Kings of Leon, all the time.



Sex on Fire

Use Somebody


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