Heroine Chic Part III

Back once again, it’s the renegade master…

Or someone less cool–me. Must finish my series on literary heroines! Today I have a couple of fun girls from children’s literature: Alice in Wonderland and Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew

Heroine Chic--Nancy Drew

Plucky girl detective Nancy Drew is on the case! Instead of giving her a dress, which was her usual gear in the 1960’s, I went with a Nancy ready for action! Dark crop jeans with a retro cuff compliment pointy-toe slip-on shoes. The pointy toes are so very Nancy! A brightly colored top makes it fun. And of course, since she’s investigating, she needs her magnifying glass at hand for any clues!

Alice in Wonderland

Heroine Chic--Alice in Wonderland

How could it be Alice without a blue and white color palette? This linen skirt takes Alice in a more grown-up direction, while the ruffled shirt is still very feminine and girly. Her mary janes are totally updated, and probably not any good for croquet whatsoever. But they are super cute! And of course the jewelry has to be a pocketwatch necklace and a group of antique keys. (For great whimsical and Alice-inspired jewelry, check out UntamedMenagerie on Etsy. Their stuff is fab–I have the Petit Secret necklace.)

Two more literary heroines left…who could they be?

PS: TWICE while trying to type “Alice”, I typed “Alcide”. I wonder why…


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