Heroine Chic, Part II

WordPress made me log in. It’s like a kick in the gut, reminding me that I haven’t blogged in so long, that it no longer remembers me. So sad.

Again, I take to the keyboard and the HTML to get back to my blog. I know I’ve been promising this forever; hopefully it will stick. My routine is starting to get set.

I wanted to continue with my “Heroine Chic” series, so without further ado…

Daisy Buchanan

Heroine Chic--Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan, of The Great Gatsby fame, is Gatsby’s reason for living. Detatched and somewhat self-obsessed, nonetheless the image of her is that of a survivor who has created the world that she wants. As she is often portrayed as being surrounded by freshness and light, I chose a white and yellow “sunshine” color palette. The drop waist dress and tassel necklace both reflect the Jazz Age of the 1920’s. This outfit is perfect for a fresh and sweet Daisy.

Josephine March

Heroine Chic--Jo March

Jo March from Little Women was probably one of my all-time literary heroines in my youth. I related to her. She made mistakes, said things she shouldn’t have, but was always passionate. I did always want her to get together with Laurie, and preferred him to Professor Behr, so that was less than ideal for me. Jo was always the biggest tomboy of the daughters, so I have given her a kind of mannish look. The wide-legged trousers and the vest are offset by the beautiful peacock blue, high-necked top that is ultra-feminine. I am obsessed with enamel bracelets, especially the Kate Spade versions which have quotes inside–perfect for a writer. And of course, she needs the ideal fountain pen for all her “scribbles”.

I will finish up these posts this week! I swear!


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