Heroine Chic Part I

I love to read. I read for work, I read for fun every day. It’s been like that for years for me. I can’t go to sleep unless I’ve read a little bit–a paragraph, a page, half a book. My life has been influenced by the great characters of literature.

As a young girl, I loved Anne of Green Gables. I read all those books, and associated with Anne. She was not always universally liked, but she won out in the end. It helped me through my awkward, unpopular years. But there were so many other heroines I could relate to, or whose stories I loved.

I was thinking of these book friends the other day as I was prepping for work and thinking of what stories I might want my students to read this year. I started wondering what these historical girls would wear today that would still reflect their personalities. So I’ve done a series of outfits that I think some of my favorite literary heroines might wear.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little House on the Prairietaught me all about life in the wild West in the time of the pioneers. From covered wagon to little log house, these stories were about the power of family, love, and a pioneering spirit.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

I took the idea of the modern prairie dress being the floral maxi. This light, easy dress would be at home in a natural setting, while being perfect for the heat of summer. The moccasins would be comfortable and add a touch of Native American flair. And of course, a vintage pistol necklace finishes the look.

Anne Shirley

The orphaned Anne comes into the lives of the Cuthbert and turns them around. Her imagination was unsurpassed, leading to many hijinks with her best friend, Diana Barry. Eventually, she realizes that she loves Gilbert Blythe, who has turned from her nemesis to her friend to her true love.

Anne Shirley

Anne dreams of a beautiful formal dress with “puffed sleeves”, and is thrilled when Matthew buys her a dress with the puffiest sleeves. Puffed sleeves aren’t exactly the height of fashion now, so I gave her a lacy formal dress instead. There are gems to compliment in the jewelry and the shoes, as Anne and Diana admire the jewels of the adult women around them. Gilbert gave Anne a pearl ring when they were married, as Anne had stated that she was disappointed with diamonds when she discovered they weren’t purple. That statement is also the reason I put a purple bag in the outfit.

What do you think? Who were your favorite fictional heroines as a young person?

Tomorrow: Jo March and Alice in Wonderland!


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