Sometimes Cleverness is Ice Cream Sandwiches

Raise your hand if you love Trader Joe’s. Me, too. I used to have to drive across town to shop there, and now I have a TJ’s right down the street. They have the best packaged foods, and I got drawn in by a particular hot-weather delicacy the other day:

Trader Joe’s Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls. Basically mint chip ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. Just a little tasty something at 85 calories per Mini. They were certainly tasty.

But beyond being tasty, they gave me a solution to one of my makeup storage issues. Mini Mint Mouthfuls are around the same size as a single eyeshadow. When the container was emptied out, I knew I could repurpose it as an eyeshadow organizer.


It fits five shadows to a compartment, and I can even tuck my tube of MAC Paint (which as I use as a primer) in the side. One of the great benefits of this setup is that the clear plastic makes the front shadow easy to see; I have the eyeshadows organized by color, so I can narrow down where a particular eyeshadow would be located.

Also, a TJ’s Minis package is superior to an Oreo package for my purposes. I have such limited storage space that my primary makeup storage is a shallow medicine cabinet. As you can see, the shorter TJ’s package fits just perfectly, and allows the door to close without interference.

So, that was my clever repurposing of an ordinary item. Do you have any repurposed household items that you’ve used for some other purpose?


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