Wednesday Wants: Coffee-Themed Prints

The bonus of moving is decorating. I’m going a different direction with some of my rooms, and I’m going bright! I decided that I want to buy a couple of prints from Etsy for my kitchen, themed around coffee. Because I love it. And there are some cute, kitschy, bright prints available.

Without further ado…caffeinated art.

Some Like it Hot

Fill ‘Er Up

Fuel of the Day

Coffee with My Owl

Wake Up

Cuppa Joe

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Do you (or would you) have a theme for your kitchen artwork? What would your theme be? (Please don’t say chickens. Chickens are evil. If you ever tried to get an egg from a broody hen, you’d know.)

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: Coffee-Themed Prints

  1. Despite my strong dislike for coffee, I really love that last print. And the one with the owl. And the fuel of the day. I can’t choose!

    My kitchen’s artwork is themed “orange”. So, of course, I have a robot print, a garden of Eden puzzle, a car canvas and a cupcake canvas. It’s really much more adorable than it sounds…

  2. Mine is Tuscan. With Wine pics and all. But I saw some BEAUTIFUL Harpers Bazaar vintage prints (in Harpers this month) that have inspired me I think to do either Vintage/bright train or boat travel prints. Think strong black and whites with pops of blues and greens. To go with this fabric I found at Ikea.

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