Whereja Get That SWAG?

I’m back!

I have moved my location from Mountain Time to East Coast Time, and am “enjoying” the humidity. Internet has finally been set up, and blogging shall commence as usual!

I have recently been setting the interwebz aflame (well, my corner of the interwebz. My Twitter and Facebook friends have been VERY impressed.) with pictures of my beautiful gift that my grandmother gave me, the Normann Copenhagen Norm 03 lampshade.

It is currently my object of obsession. I almost wish that I could have multiple swag lamps in my living room, but I don’t want to go overboard. I’m a great fan of Danish design; Mid-Century design still looks fresh today. There are a lot of options for a swag lampshade that you can assemble yourself. Let me tell you, the self-assembly may be daunting at first, but mine turned out to be really easy once I got the hang of it. The shades range in price; I thought I’d list some great, fantastically designed lampshades from lowest price to highest.

IKEA Fillsta Pendant Lamp

IKEA has been bringing Scandinavian design to America for less for years, and they keep opening stores all the time. This is definitely an inexpensive option, and the Fillsta has pieces that interlock to surround the bulb, and offers a soft glow. It sells for $29.99.

IKEA Knappa Pendant Lamp

The Knappa is a classic. It comes from a Danish midcentury design, so it’s nothing new, but it’s still fun. I actually own one of these; the Norm 03 was my upgrade. It’s lovely, with a clean look and a soft light. It sells for $34.99.

Klickity Palm Pendant Lampshade

Bright, colorful, and 100% recyclable, the Palm Pendant retails for $57.84 online. This one should be super easy to put together, as it only has 22 pieces. It comes in red, blue and yellow. It would be perfect for a kid’s room or a bright kitchen.

Phrena Pendant Light

I kind of love this Artecnica lampshade. It reminds me a bit of a lotus flower. And the assembly should be a snap, as it sounds like it just pops up. At $86, it’s an investment, but not ridiculously so for a lamp.

Icarus Light

The Greek myth of Icarus is a warning against hubris. This lamp might bear the same warning, because I’d totally want to brag about it. Feathered wings as a lamp? Unique and also rather elegant. The Icarus Light costs $90.

Artecnica Garland Light

Here’s an option if you’re not a minimalist! This romantic, floral garland encircles a lightbulb. Shape it however is pleasing to your eye–the final look is up to you, ensuring a one-of-a-kind look. You also have the ability to change it up. The Garland is $100, and comes in both black and white.

Normann Copenhagen Norm 69 Lamp Shade

Normann Copenhagen is the designer of my lampshade, but this design has a little more history. Designed in 1969, it is made from 69 pieces, thus the name “Norm 69”. I didn’t know this until I was researching it, because my aunt and uncle used to have this lamp way back, and we always called it the “artichoke lamp”. So, it will forever be that to me. It comes in four sizes, ranging in prize from $115 to $325.

Jupiter Lamp Shade

This is the most expensive on my list at $275. But first of all, it’s made of thin, flexible wood. Second, it can also be arranged however you want. The pieces fit together, puzzle-style, and you can make it different shapes. Mostly, though, I love the way the light filters through the wood.

One more, extra bonus style that I stumbled across:

Bay City Rollers Lampshade

In the world of odd celebrity memorabilia, this has to rank high. Apparently 70’s pop band The Bay City Rollers put their pretty faces on the packaging of this simple, self-assembly orb lampshade. Because nothing says rock ‘n’ roll like lampshade DIY.

Rock on, Bay City Rollers.


2 thoughts on “Whereja Get That SWAG?

  1. I have a bent plastic retro lamp similar to the Knappa, but have not been able to find a replica on the internet.
    Do you have any idea how I could get it identified? I could send a picture.

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