Attention, Fangbangers!

Anyone else seriously excited about tonight’s True Blood premiere? I’m soooooo ready for some Hot Eric. And hopefully some Alcide, too! I have been waiting for MONTHS.

True Blood has a unique look to any other show on television. Not only its deep South location, but also the variety of characters allows for a lot of different styles to be showcased. So, in honor of tonight’s True Blood finale, here are some of my favorite makeup looks from the show.

Pamela Swynford De Beaufort

Pam is a classic vampire, with the bright red lips and smokey eyes when she works at Fangtasia, but choosing a softer look (and occasionally a velour jogging suit) in her personal life. I love the smokey eyes and pale lips of this particular picture.

Claudine Crane

There have been hints that the fairies will having a bigger role in this season, so this means more Claudine. Her shimmery, ethereal makeup look emphasizes her otherworldliness. Usually when she’s portrayed on the series, it’s all soft focus and glow, just like the makeup look here.

Sarah Newlin

In direct contrast to the darkness of the vampire characters, the preacher’s wife and Fellowship of the Sun supporter is all sweetness and light. All-American, blonde, with bright lipstick and light colors, there is no smokey eye on Sarah. I love her look; Sookie often has a similar style.

Sookie Stackhouse

Speaking of Sookie…she is a sugary-sweet confection dabbling in the dark side. I could imagine Sookie in gloves and a hat, being the perfect Southern lady. One of the few characters who rocks a tan instead of a pale vampy look, she has a more subtle makeup style. According to the Southern Vampire Mystery books, which True Blood is based on, drinking vampire blood makes you more attractive; Sookie’s relationship with Bill provided her with some improvements along the way.

Lafayette Reynolds

I could not do a makeup post on True Blood without mentioning Lafayette! ‘Cause boyfriend knows how to rock a smokey cat eye. I LOVE him.

Jessica Hamby

Jessica is one of my favorites, mostly because this baby vamp has such flawless porcelain skin. She can be such a devious, bad vamp, but always looks so sweet doing it. Her red hair is fantastic, and I love her pink lipstick. It’s not red, notice, not Pam-style vampire, but sweeter and younger. Her blue eyes are piercing with the kohl liner.

Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Stylistically, Sophie-Anne is my favorite character. First of all, she wears amazing clothing. Her retro red hair is perfectly coiffed. Again, loving her skin. And she rocks the red lips and classic cat eye. She’s a vampy vamp; a darkside pinup.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has noticed the makeup of True Blood, as Tarte Cosmetics just came out with a limited edition True Blood-inspired collection. There is an eyeshadow palette, a lip stain, and a cheek stain. Tarte has the best cheek stain, in my opinion. I use it every day for the natural looking flush.

I love the black and red corset design of the eyeshadow palette–it looks like something Pam would wear at Fangtasia. But I think I want to try out the lip stain. I think it would be a perfect red–not too dark, lush, and sexy.

Are you excited for True Blood tonight?

BONUS: Because I just couldn’t help it….

Why so sexy, Joe Mangianello?

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