MAC Cosmetics Fashion Flower and Surf, Baby!

Obviously, I’m a MAC fan. I usually review the limited edition collections here on the blog and then got buy bits and pieces of the collection later. I’ve been meaning to review the Fashion Flower and Surf, Baby! collections for a while now, since they’ve been out about a month, but haven’t gotten around to it. So today when I went to Old Navy for a black tee, I found myself wandering toward the MAC counter in Dillards. I was just going to look. Just take a peek, swatch some shades on my hand. However, the enterprising MAC artist got to me, tempted me with a “let’s just try some colors out”, and hooked me with a full makeover.

The Fashion Flower collection is, as the name would imply, inspired by the vibrant colors of flowers. Greens and pinks and turquoise blues dominate. The packaging is standard MAC packaging, but the eyeshadow is imprinted with flowers. My favorite color of eyeshadow, the starting point for all of this, is the Lucky Green eyeshadow, a lime-green shadow. The makeup artist also used Free to Be, a coral color, Silver Ring (from the permanent collection); and Short Shorts, a frosty white champagne color, from the Surf, Baby! collection.

Surf, Baby! is a collection inspired by summer. Metallics, deep turquoise, bold lips are all featured in this collection. Pigments feature heavily in this collection; they put together coordinating collections of metallic pigments in a neat stacked container.

The makeup artist also used the teal eyeliner, Blue Noon, on me, as well as the Hibiscus lipstick and Strange Potion lipglass. I seriously did not expect to like the Hibiscus lipstick as much as I did. I thought it was going to look too orange on me, or that it would overwhelm my face. But I ended up really loving it.

My one criticism of the MAC artists is always that they go full drag queen on the makeup. It’s always more intense than I would do myself. They like to start with the day look, and then add on additional makeup for an evening look, so I felt like it was a little overwhelming to my face. However, she was very instructive, offering tips and hints that would be good for someone not so good at makeup as well as people who are obsessed with it, and she also did the most perfect subtle eyeliner wing on me with a pencil. But how did it look? Let’s go to the pictures…

Oh, heyyyyy, super-cheap fake Ray-Bans in mint green from Forever 21!
In natural light.
And indoors.

I ended up buying three eyeshadows: Silver Ring, Free to Be, and Lucky Green. I also got the Hibiscus lipstick and the Blue Noon eyeliner. These two MAC collections get two thumbs WAY up from me, and a big debt of thanks to my MAC makeup artist.

Have you poked around the MAC counter, or made any other makeup discoveries lately?

4 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Fashion Flower and Surf, Baby!

  1. You look pretty and natural. I can’t see even a hint of a drag queen there.

    But you made me thinking: no matter how big amount of make-up I put on, I always look too natural for my taste ( it’s usually metallic beige/gold liquid lid base, golden brown eyeliner, chocolate brown matte eyeshadow or gold metallic eyeshadow and pinkish/yellowish/beige shade under my brows + as much mascara as it goes)
    That’s 10 minutes of work and I still look like I didn’t put much make-up on. That’s why I usually wear bright red lipstick or very bright and shimmery lipgloss, so at least my lips look made up.
    Hmmmm, maybe I should go to MAC counter next time to learn.

    1. Do you use eyeshadow primer? It helps your eyeshadow to not sink into your skin. I use MAC paint. Also, pure pigments give more color, so you might want to try that. But they can probably give you even better tips at the MAC counter! Plus it’s a lot of fun just to get your makeup done.

  2. I’m SO LAME at make-up, my big failure as an adult, but if I could look as cute as you I might jump in. As it is, in two years I have to send my daughter (when she is age 13) make-up shopping with a friend…#momfail

    1. You know, my mom didn’t wear makeup for years, and we actually started wearing makeup around the same time as I did as a teenager. It actually worked really well, because she went to the makeup counters (I think Clinique was her choice at the time) and was taught how to do her makeup. Then she taught me. I avoided a lot of the crazy awful makeup mistakes as a teen. You could learn about makeup with your daughter!

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