Fug Me Friday: Novelty Bathing Suits

Hey beach bunnies! I know you’re unique, and you want the world to know it. And there are a ton of bathing suits out there for you to choose from. I know it’s difficult to find just the right suit, one that flatters your body, covers all the problem areas and reveals all the good stuff, but to find one that also allows your freak flag to fly is difficult. Or is it…? I submit to you a gallery of bad ideas for those who are just too special for normal suits.

These are definitely the Jedi you seek.

This suit says “I’m ready to monkey around”.

Making all the boys snap a salute.

My top turns invisible, just like my plane. Okay, really my boobs just pop out.

This suit is guaranteed to make you look thin.

Vagina Dentata.

Makes an ill-fitting bikini look good, doesn’t it?


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