Mod Squad

I miss Mad Men. I don’t even know when it’s coming back. One of the things I admire about this show is how it has influenced fashion, bringing back that early ’60’s look and silhouette. So I’m venturing an idea that as Mad Men continues into the sixties, that the Mod aesthetic might creep in a little. We’re not talking about full Austin Powers style, but adding in some simple shapes and colors. Here are some modern Mod looks that could lead the revival.

Croquet Dress

East Ender Dress

Mod-rophenia Skirt

Twiggy Dress

A-line Colourblock Dress

Yesteryear Glam One Piece Swimsuit

Half to Have ‘Em Tights

The Mod Couple Top

Got To Be Real Wedge

If you don’t like the full Mod look, you can add elements of it to your wardrobe with primary colors, square shapes, miniskirts, or bold jewelry shapes.

Confession: my mod inspiration always leads back to this:

What do you think about Mod? Ready to take a trip back through time?

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