Keeping it SPICY

Packing and organizing has led me to several conclusions about how I am going to do things going forward. Last night I wen through my overstuffed spice rack and checked expiration dates. Let’s just say I threw out more spices than I kept. When I went to Colorado to visit The Kitchenette, she took me to the Savory Spice Shop in downtown Denver. They sell all kinds of spices and blends. They have some franchises, but also they offer online shopping. I ordered fresh spices to be delivered to my new home, so they’ll be waiting when I get there. Now, I need a nice spice rack to hold them.

I’d like something that could sit out on the countertop. I need something that will be accessible and tidy. Attractive and reasonably priced are a must. Here are some of the ones I’m considering.

The Elite Champagne Satin Spice Rack

I like this one because it has an “auto-measure” feature. You click the bottle (on the top, I’m assuming) and it dispenses 1/4 teaspoon of spice from the bottom. You can also mount it under a cabinet. But I don’t know if only 8 bottles would be enough.

The Brookfield Spice Rack

The test-tube style spice rack has probably been in so many shelter magazines that it’s cliche. But I still like it. Maybe it’s the schoolteacher in me, but I like the idea of re-purposing science lab equipment for the kitchen. I like the cork stoppers, too.

The Olde Thompson Spice Rack

Sixteen spice jars are in this rack! I like that, and I like the shape of the glass jars. I’m not sure how wide the mouths of those jars are, so I don’t know if a teaspoon or tablespoon could easily fit in the jars. That’s the only drawback for me.

Kamenstein 12-Tin Magnetic Spice Rack

I am drawn to the look of this spice rack. And I love the magnetic tins; I have some larger magnetic tins at school which are really great for holding push pins and paperclips. I think it would look good on a countertop.

Auto-Measure Spice Carousel Pro

This is another auto-measure set-up, dispensing 1/4 tsp with every twist of the dial. I like the compact design, and I really like how all the spices are labeled. It may not be the best-looking of the bunch, but does seem to be the most practical.

Zevro MSR8000 Jar Rack

Anti-gravity spice jars! Again, a magnetic system allows the jars to mount on the top or the bottom of the rack. The lids lock, so you don’t have spices spilling out all over the place. But…there are only six jars on this one! And if you go for the larger system, it costs a lot more.

Trudeau Wedge 12-Bottle Spice Rack

Attractive on the counter, easy to see and grab. I like the wedge style here. The top twists to either sprinkle or pour the spice. Downside? All plastic. I’d much rather have all glass.

Anybody have a spice rack that they particularly like? Does anyone own one of these and have an opinion, positive or negative?


3 thoughts on “Keeping it SPICY

  1. I did the EXACT same thing the other day – that is, cleaning out my spices and planning a list of all the new one’s I’ll need. Totally going to make a run to SSS this week to replenish my stock before I leave for Virginia! They’ll no doubt be like, “woman, we have online ordering… jeebus crisp. Long list much?”

    Anyhoodle, what I really wanted to say was, check out this DIY magnetic spice rack:

    That’s what I think I’ll probably do in my new kitchen. It’s basically a giant piece of metal, that small glass canning jars are stuck to with magnetic lids. I like it because it’s countertop (rather than in the cabinets), without actually BEING ON THE COUNTER and cluttering your countertop. Also, I like being able to see the spices in each jar… because I don’t know, it’s convenient to know when I’m low on something and also, pretty colors! Textures! Yay! Plus, you can always add or subtract or change out spices, depending on the size of the metal sheet you get. And you never have to worry about not fitting in a teaspoon/tablespoon in the top, either.

    The only downside is that *technically* spices should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat. So *technically* you shouldn’t put this set-up right above/next to your cooktop, or in the path of the sun coming in your windows. But *technically*… I probably don’t give a shit and will put it wherever I want. I figure I use up most of my spices too quickly for them to go bad from light or heat, anyways.

    One more thing (longest comment ever, I know) I keep my salt and pepper on the counter. Because it would frustrate me to constantly unscrew the lids just to season my pasta water. I’m lazy.

    1. You’re just saving yourself the shipping costs. And the guy who works there is so cute!

      Also, I don’t think my kitchen has windows. So we should be good on that front.

      And I keep my salt & pepper on the stove. I totally want your salt set-up, where you have the little dishes with the different salts. Love it.

      1. Yes! I love my little salt bowls. For the record, I have kosher salt (for seasoning pasta water, for the table, etc.), flaky sea salt (Maldon brand – for finishing dishes, has a great texture), and coarse sea salt (for fries, roasted veggies, where you want the salt to stand out and be crunchy.) I got my bowls all from World Market, they were like a buck each, and they have a bunch of different shapes. The plate too, although I think it was like $3.

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