A Day at the Races

A friend of mine who I went to school with in England shares my love for hats. We used to go to Caley’s department store in Windsor and try on the hats that we couldn’t afford. She still rocks a hat on the regular. She’s not afraid of a beautiful hat. Right now it’s Royal Ascot in England–a series of horse races which are more known for their fantastic hats than the actual outcomes of the races. So of course my friend linked to the Marie Claire UK website that showcased a series of fantastic hats from this year’s races.

I have always wanted to attend Royal Ascot or the Kentucky Derby. Mostly for the hats. So today I looked to Etsy, a showcase for creative people, several of whom make some outrageous hats. Here are my picks for a fantastic race hat.

Light as Zepplin Steampunk Fascinator

Deluxe Egret Hackle and Ostrich Feather Fascinator

Turquoise and Green Flower Fascinator with Swarovski Crystals

Cotton Candy Feather Headpiece

Yellow Petal Fascinator

Lovely Lilies Hat

Lady in Gray

The last one’s my favorite, especially as I have a dress to go with it.

So, who wants to join me? Big hats all around?


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