Plan B

Remember the patio master plan? All hot pink and black and modern. That was totally a GO, until I found the apartment I’m going to live in.

It’s the opposite of sleek and modern! The complex is described as having “New Orleans-style charm in a French village setting”. Where I was planning for a typical apartment balcony, now I’ll have a walled patio that will span the length of my apartment. So I’ve had to come up with a plan B.

How do I find something that will complement the classic style of the building, while not compromising my own personal style? The answer I’ve come up with takes a little more work, and a little IKEA hacking.

I like the shape of the IKEA AMMERÖ Chair, but would like to have a bright color instead of the black. It’s a plastic “wicker”, so I want to use Krylon spray paint on it, in Ivy Leaf green. They have a new formula that bonds to plastic. Then for cushions, they need to be customized as well. Covers made from Waverly Sun ‘N’ Shade fabric in blue and green would be perfect–the pattern is classic, but the colors are fun. Then a table in white, a footstool spray-painted in the same green, and candles would complete the look. The special addition would be a tabletop fountain with a bamboo spout in a black container. Maybe with a few water plants. I love the sound of running water–it’s so peaceful.

Do you have a patio? Is it decorated, or, like mine currently, with a sad lawn chair as the only furniture?

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