Wednesday Wants: Organize Me!

I was told that I am organized just last week.  And I laughed.

All my life I have been fighting to be organized.  I have felt inadequate in that area.  I have looked for ways to organize myself, from making lists to buying organizational systems.  So I laughed, but she insisted.  “Have you seen  my desk?” I asked.  “That doesn’t mean you’re not organized, it means you’re not neat.”  While not exactly a compliment, I thought that it might be true.  All my fighting might have paid off–after all, I finished the year with a strong set of checklists and without dropping the ball on anything.

But I would love to be organized AND neat.  My upcoming move has me thinking about what needs to be reorganized.  I think my first priority is my closet.  I’d love to have a dream closet like this:

But seriously, this closet is unrealistic.  If someone loves their closet this much, why do they have less than a dozen pairs of shoes?  Only one display-worthy dress?  Pssshhhh.  As if.

I need SPACE in my closet.  I have two closets in my bedroom currently, and I would like to have more closet space.  I want those space-saving hangers that are velvet flocked, like these Ultra-Slim Hangers from The Hanger Shop.

I like the idea of matching hangers throughout the closet in a color.  Light, bright and easy to see would be the closet motif; turquoise would be pretty in a closet.

I have shoe organizers that need to be replaced.  I’m not too happy with the options for shoes; they seem way overpriced for the number of shoes they organize.  So I guess I’ll stick with the hanging shoe organizer for the time being.  I need about four of them, though.  Fortunately Ikea has 9-compartment organizers for under five dollars.

And, oh my goodness, I’m loving this idea: an over-door flip-flop organizer!  I need one of these ASAP!  (I wonder if this could even be a DIY project?)

Storage boxes would be necessary for the small things like scarves and belts.  I saw a great IKEA hack where a whole shelf system was made from these Prant storage boxes.  The part I liked best from the hack was that they painted the insides different colors.

Lastly, there would have to be a place for dirty laundry.  I’ve wanted a laundry sorter for a while; I think the Real Simple Triple Sort would fit the bill just fine.

That’s what I want this Wednesday!  Are you neat?  Organized?  Or both?  If you are, got any suggestions for my dream closet?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: Organize Me!

  1. OMG, people tell me all the time I am organized. Which in my mind could not be farther from the truth. I must be some kind of magician to pull that off, I always think. What I am, though, is calendar obsessed. I have three designated times per day that I look at the one on the wall and the one in my purse (all paper, I am old, remember) And then I check it when I look in my purse or walk out the door anyway. My kids show up at everything on time, and their soccer uniforms, dance clothes, etc. are always clean. Other than that, though, you can come to my house, but not look in my closet ( I also cannot figure out the shoe storage thing) or go in my basement. (shameful). I found a website once that had you make a list of 52 things in your house to organize, do one a week, and then you will be organized in a year. I listed about 30 and lost interest. Also, I only organized one kitchen crap drawer, and I couldn’t figure out where to put that stuff. If it wasn’t in that drawer, I wouldn’t know where to find it. My son’s third grade teacher always looked freakishly organized. She said it took work and devotion EVERY DAY. I think that is where I fall off the wagon. Some days, I am just not into it. This comment is almost as long as your post!! Don’t mind me…..

  2. when I was a kid my mom would set me on a pile of (insert anything here – pantry, office, sock drawer) to calm me down. I LOVE organizing. And I LOVE this closet. Just don’t look in mine right now. lol

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