Prom Redo, or “Oh, no, Glee…”

I just got around to watching last night’s Glee. It was the Prom episode. I was really upset at it. No, it wasn’t Rachel and that Vocal Adrenaline guy’s rendition of Rolling in the Deep (Leave Adele alone!), or the declining quality of Glee, or the gay prom queen ridiculousness. It was this:

What have they done to Lauren Zizes? Is this what a candidate for Prom Queen should wear? This is ten steps backwards for a plus-size girl. And this is supposed to be “Kurt approved”? I think not. The gays would hate this.

Kurt’s advice to Lauren is “Let’s go for navy. It’s slimming.” This is NOT NAVY, it is COBALT. And it is satin, which is the antithesis to slimming. It looks like a bad bridesmaid’s dress, that the bride gives as an option because it’s the only one that comes in plus sizes. And all the other girls wear halter and bustier dresses. Those sleeves, too, are ugly.

In no time flat, I was able to find a bunch of suitable replacements for Lauren’s awful prom dress that WOULD be Kurt approved.

Want navy? Here’s something from Prom Girl that is much more suitable. Beautiful beading and asymmetrical lines, plus a matte fabric–gorgeous.

Another blue–this time turquoise from Prom Girl. I love the line down the side of this–it’s way more slimming than shiny cheap satin.

Black is ALSO slimming, so Lauren might go for an ASOS dress with an interesting asymmetrical hem.

Part of Lauren’s character is her fearlessness (coupled with her bad attitude). She almost always wears prints; why not make that unique choice when you run for prom queen? This Sidney’s Closet Blossom Burst dress might be a little too floral for her, but the color and the sash–amazing!

Or she could go short, with a dress from Igigi with a lace overlay.

Oh, and I’m not out of options yet. Modern flapper from ASOS up next.

And please love the back view with me:

I have a sneaking suspicion that Lauren’s prom dress may have been chosen for the sleeves. Prom dresses with sleeves are unusual. But if you want to put her in sleeves, give her some va-va-voom! Thanks, Igigi, for the Belladonna gown.

I love some of the clothes on Glee, but this is a MISS. Who’s ready to hire me to style the show? 😉

Also, I know I’ve been absent recently, and I’m afraid it’s not going to get much better anytime soon. It’s the end of the school year for me, and I am never so busy. I was fired up by the injustice done to Lauren tonight, but it will be summer vacation before I’ll be back to posting every day. But I haven’t left, and the love for this blog is still there!

So, what do you think? Would you be satisifed with a shiny satin prom dress just because you’re plus size?

One thought on “Prom Redo, or “Oh, no, Glee…”

  1. Agree with you 100%. There is no way this character would have settled for this shideous dress. I actually think they’ve missed the mark a lot when it comes to Zizes. I’m still trying to figure out why Puck didn’t sing “Big Girl You Are Beautiful” back when he was trying to woo her.

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