My Day, Hour by Hour

I got this idea from my friend LiLi over at My blogging soul sister has been MIA lately; I think I’m the new kind of hockey widow. Where you neglect your blogging buddy for hot hockey players.

This is an experiment in documenting my life; it is also a rigorous test of the WordPress iPhone app, since I can’t blog from my work computer.

Each hour I’m going to try to update what I’m doing, complete with pictures.

7:00 a.m.: At the dentist.
My latest crown has been hurting, so I went in for an early morning bite adjustment. Simple and painless, it didn’t even require numbing. Hopefully it will take care of my pain.


8:00 a.m. Teaching World History.

My students are a little punchy this morning. It is a time of much giggling. We are studying the rise of Hitler; here they are presenting information in a visual form.


9:00 a.m. More History…

I’m lecturing about Anschluss and such.


10:00 a.m. Senior English
I love technology. Seniors are currently rewriting their research papers after receiving notes on their first drafts. I’m answering questions as they work on their laptops.


11:00 a.m.: Prep Period

The time in the day where I kick off my shoes, put some music on (today: Paramore), check in on Twitter, and get things done. Today I have to tackle a to-do list, so I can stay organized over the next few weeks.


12:00: Drama Rehearsal

Less than a week until performance, and they still don’t know all their lines. Plus they are defaulting to cheesy. I’ll get it out of them, though. And I just realized I’m rehearsing through lunch and I have nothing to eat except a protein bar. Damn.


1:00: Sophomore English

More time with my beloved sophomores! I have 90 minutes of English with them. Here, they are doing spelling words–I’m taking them through the Scripps National Spelling Bee winning words. They say they’re easy. 🙂


2:00 p.m.: English class continued…
Since it’s a beautiful day, we’re reading a chapter of The Chosen outside. There’s a beautiful, verdant tree out here, but, being New Mexican, they’ve decided to sprawl out on the sidewalk instead. (Note the blossoming romance on the right…this has just come to my attention today. Awwww.)


3:00 p.m.: My first cup of water of the day.

This is my first opportunity of the day to drink something, which is BAD. I swear, I spend half my life dehydrated. I’m also supervising Math class, PE (as they read over volleyball rules), and my own study hall. But I figured you’d had enough pics of students at work.


4:00: Social Hour

Send emails. Hang with some former students, exchange gossip. Watch the gymnastics team work on their pyramids and tosses. Return emails. Check Twitter. Inventory costumes. Grade papers.


5:00: Catch gymnastics practice’s tail end while trying to catch a student before she leaves.



Coming down…


6:00 p.m.

Still working…sort of. I had to go to the fabric store, then to Marshall’s to get bits of costumes for the play. And of course, I HAD to try on shoes. If that pair of black wedges had only fit… Or this dress…


7:00 p.m.: Dinner–FINALLY!

My first “real meal” of the day! Since I’ve been starving today, I decided to stop for a salad, so I won’t eat junk at home. Especially since spin class was cancelled today. I’m tired…


8:00 p.m.: THIS HAPPENED
…and, like Bob Harper, I cried tears of joy.


9:00 p.m.: Manicure

Checked my mail, and my huge order of Zoya polishes came! Unfortunately, most of them are locked up in the office of my apartment. I got a package with only one polish in it. So I have to try it out–it’s Zoya Zara. But my blue Butter polish, Big Smoke, doesn’t want to come off!


10:00 p.m.: Late-Night Laundry

So obnoxious to have to do laundry at this time of night. I know that I’ll have to wait to put it in the dryer. But I realized I have a crisis situation going on in the underwear department, and it must happen now! And I dinged up manicure. 😦 Like my collection of brooches by the side of the washer, aka “whoops I should have taken that off my blazer/sweater before I washed it…”? Love me some bling.


11:00 p.m.: Goodnight

Final shot of the day: my ’70’s duvet cover looks inviting. I’m re-reading Terry Pratchett’s Thief of Time for the bajillionth time. Ready for sleep!


I hope my day didn’t bore you senseless or clog up your Google Reader feed. Even words and pictures can’t describe my day. I can’t convey all the laughter and reward that my students bestowed upon me today. My pride at their accomplishments. And my willingness to work a little more and a little harder for them. Today was a gift.

2 thoughts on “My Day, Hour by Hour

  1. Enjoyed your day…similar to mine, except my students are 8 & 9! Best part of the day was Olivia and Ben!

  2. Oooooohhhhh……..INSPIRATION! I wish my day was that organized yesterday. I too forget to drink anything throughout the day and I had to write up one employee, council another and pull a lone bartender out of the weeds. PLUS jail drama for one staff member. All in a days work. Thank goodness I can come home to an amazing BL episode.

    Also….let’s go to Paris. I’ve never been and have been thinking about saving up for a big trip. Do you speak the French?

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