Fug Me Friday: Jumpsuits

Horrified. HORRIFIED. That’s the only way to describe my reaction when I saw this video.

First of all, I didn’t need to hear Andre Leon Talley yelling “JUST VOID!” Nor did I need the pee-pee dance or the toilet noise. But mostly, I didn’t need the proclamation that jumpsuits are NOT going away! They are so many shades of wrong.

Tyra got obsessed with the jumpsuit a couple of “cycles” ago on ANTM, and I remember my friend Olivia and I totally making fun of them.

Because they’re ridiculous. And camel toe is prevalent. And they’re ugly.

The jumpsuit has embraced the weird. Tight legs, angular lines, shiny fabrics.

I’ve worn a jumpsuit in my day. I have. But they cannot come back! Soon it will come full circle, and like me, you’ll be wearing a pinstripe palazzo pant jumpsuit. SAY NO.

Oh, Tina Fey, I love you. Why do you do this?


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