Wednesday Wants: Royal Wedding MADNESS!

Wills & Kate are getting hitched!

Pardon. I mean William and Catherine are to be wed in a veddy proper cathedral ceremony. On a scale of 1-10, I’m at about a 6 for Royal Wedding fever. I’m excited, but not so much that I would lose sleep over it. Not so much that I would buy wedding souvenirs…OR WOULD I?

Okay, silly confession: I love British tea towels. They have the best linen, and I love the serious, commemorative images. I have some hand-me-downs from my mom depicting the horse guards and Buckingham Palace. If I have any Royal Wedding commemorative gear, I want it to be a tea towel! And there are some cute ones out there…

Corgi Royal Wedding

(Unfortunately, this one is sold out. Sadness.)

Kissing Corgis

(Also sold out. Apparently corgis are not just the queen’s favorite dog.)

Union Jack

A collage of portraits in a kind of pop art style.

Westminster Abbey

Subtle and timeless. And only barely referencing the event it’s supposed to commemorate.

“I Do”

Another cheeky, minimalist nod to the royal nuptials. I love the “W + K” carved into the tree.

Kate Loves Willy

*Snicker* Yeah, she does. (Bonus: The description says “It’s large”.)

Royal Biscuit Series

And my personal favorite…doesn’t even reference the names or date at all.

Want some royal wedding swag this Wednesday? Or are you SO OVER IT?

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