Personal Style: Part I

I got sucked into the world of online quizzes yesterday. I decided to take a whole bunch of “What is your personal style” quizzes to see what category I fall under. Turns out I’m preppy, sophisticated, classic, bohemian, minimalist, boho and a trendy fashionista. In other words, I’m a fashion schizophrenic. I’m picky about the things I like, and I can’t really quantify it myself, so how would these quizzes? Plus, they’re filled with inane questions, like what music I listen to. I may like to dance to GaGa, but that doesn’t mean I want to dress like her. Plus, they want me to choose between two images when I don’t like either of them.

It did get me thinking about personal style, though. Each of these labels could mean different things to different people. A little Google search reveals that. I figured I could find something in each of these styles that I would want to wear, so I took that on as a challenge. I present: my take on style labels.


Bohemian my way means travel and color, so I picked cotton dresses with flamboyant Mexican-style embroidery. The accessories are natural: polished wood bangles, leather sandals. Instead of turquoise and silver, I picked a dramatic three-strand semi-precious stone necklace. (I actually own that red dress, but I wear it without the belt. It looks better on me that way.)


Gossip Girl Blair is leading the preppy movement, and from what I can see, it’s all about clean, bright, and colorful. I stuck with a palette of blue and white, using cobalt and navy shades. This ties in the different patterns–polka dots on the dress, stripes on the neckerchief and on the shoes. A navy seersucker jacket, complete with the Lacoste alligator, finishes the look. Kate Spade bangles are still on my obsession list, and all the preps like a canvas boat bag from Lands’ End. My choice would be a little unusual; instead of solids with a monogram, I’d go for the funky anchor appliqué.

My guidance came from the WikiHow page “How to Look Preppy“. Read it–it’s AMAZING. The condescension practically drips off the screen.


This one was really difficult. It’s almost the opposite of what I consider my style. I like mid-century minimalist jewelry, but not really minimalist clothes. I’ve never loved the Issey Miyake look, for instance. But I like this figure-hugging minimalist dress; especially the neckline. A streamlined collar necklace and cuff bracelet, and some high platform heels, and you’ve hit the minimalist’s maximum.

Tomorrow will be a Music Monday post, so coming Tuesday: more styles! Classic and Trendy will be covered MY WAY.

Can you label your style? Are you consistent, fashion-wise?


One thought on “Personal Style: Part I

  1. I like bits of everything but feel more drawn to classic lines. My designers are Valentino, Ralph and Calvin. Neutral base with color pops and fun in shoes and accessories.
    I guess because I don’t like to shop I buy clothes that can be timeless. EX: My LBD I’ve had for 12 yrs and not only does it fit again it’s still gorgeous. (and I only paid $12 for it).
    I guess I’m classic practical with a touch of fashion schizophrenia.

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