Wednesday GOTS! The Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I went shopping to buy myself a couple of little presents. So instead of wanting, I’m getting!

You may wonder, out of all the stuff I love and recommend on this blog, how much do I actually own or buy? The answer, sadly is VERY LITTLE. I’m never going to be able to be one of those bloggers who take pictures of themselves in designer clothes on a city street in a hip neighborhood. I don’t have that kind of scratch, people. I’M A TEACHER. But this blog has been kind of dangerous; I’ve bought some things because I just fell in love with them.

I’ve already mentioned stuff I already love and use, like Capri Blue Soy Candles, Tokyo Milk, NYX Cosmetics, and Zoya nail polish. Due to this blog, I’ve bought MAC products from the Tartan line and the Jeanius collection. I got the Jonathan Beauty Water Filter and the ModCloth smart phone driving gloves for Christmas. And I actually bought the Who’s That Girl dress from my first One Dress, Four Ways post. And it didn’t fit, and I had to return it. Sadness.

Today for my birthday I put my money where my mouth is, and bought some stuff that I’ve been wanting. First up, I bought the Black Shatter polish from OPI. I tried it with the hot pink Lolly polish from Zoya, and it looks awesome. I also was a good blogger and informed the counter girls at ULTA about the coming of more shatter polishes. They didn’t know.

ULTA has Zoya! Only the Intimate Collection, but I wanted to encourage them to continue to stock the line, so I felt the need to be supportive. So I bought the very last Marley in the store. It actually didn’t have a label on it; I had to look it up online to know the name of the color.

I headed over to Sephora, more out of need than want. I was nearly out of foundation. I realized that I said I used Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer, but I realized I actually use the Korres Ginger &Vitamins Foundation. It’s all good. (Although secretly I wish I liked the Rosewater Foundation formula better, because it smells beautiful.)

I often offer up Forever 21 as a good place for inexpensive accessories and up-to-the-moment styles. I did a little style scouting there, and came up with this bag that I LOVE.

And for only $18! The only drawback is that the zippers on each side actually have no pockets underneath them. They’re purely decoration; you couldn’t even fit a pencil in there. I’d kind of like a pocket, but oh, well. The only problem with shopping in Forever XXI is that there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll run into one of my students there. Which I did. But when she saw the bag in my hand, she said “You have such great style, Ms. M!”

And isn’t admiration one of the greatest birthday presents of all?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday GOTS! The Birthday Edition

  1. MUAHHH!!! You much teach me your girly ways oh girly one! You’re so prim and beautiful…I’m butchy and not well like you but I enjoy reading your blog because you have such cute style and I could probably use some advice here and there on the girly department! I’m really loving the crack nail polish though 🙂 Happy Birthday by the way!!! <3333

    1. Thank you! And who showed up to our last get-together in a sexy-ass dress? I think that would be YOU! You’re gorgeous. And this is so much fun for me.

      And the shatter polish over the Zoya light lavender polish looks AMAZING. 🙂

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