Remember when OPI and Katy Perry got together and made nail polish? And everybody over 12 was like, “ummmm…no thanks! I will take a pass on a nail polish called ‘Teenage Dream’, but thanks!” And then they saw this:

Black SHATTER polish. Oh, Katy, you wiley devil. You piqued interest with that shatter polish. Doesn’t matter that the black shatter was also part of the Serena Williams collection, it is all Katy.

Well, if you like the black shatter, May is going to be your month. OPI is coming out with SIX new shatter polishes! First, in honor of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there will be silver shatter!

Serena Williams is determined to make the shatter her own, with a new red and a new white shatter. It’s part of her Glam Slam! France! collection, and they come in pairs. The white shatter comes with a silver glitter, and the name of the duo is Spark de Triomphe. The red shatter comes with a pink shimmer, and the duo is called Rally Pretty Pink.

Finally, they’re adding three more shatters to their collection: a navy, a blue, and a turquoise shatter.

I think that I’ll definitely be checking out at least one of the new shatter polishes–maybe the navy blue? How about you?


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