I know I’ve heard of eShakti before. But somehow, I thought they had unflattering and/or expensive clothes. Fortunately, I got a chance to take a second look at the website, and check out their current offerings.

The deal with eShakti is that they will sell a standard size garment, or they will take the measurements you send in to custom-make your garment. Their customization is done for a reasonable fee–usually under $10. You can also make tweaks to the garments–add straps or cap sleeves, change the length of the dress, have a different neckline. They ask you for bust size and height, too, which they will adjust for free for the best fit.

I picked out some of my favorites that I’d like to get. The most expensive dress, I think, was about $120. Most, however, are priced around $50. Not too bad!

Would you pay for a custom dress?


2 thoughts on “Custom-Made

  1. You have to stop!!! You have seriously missed your calling. Not sure what it is but finding amazing clothes/shoes/accessories/stuff is a HUGE part. I basically want all of these (especially the skirts)…as if you couldn’t guess.

    And to answer your question…$4,000. Custom, hand beaded, 6,000 Austrian crystals, weighs 22 lbs and has a 19″ train. Beautiful gown Ive worn…once.

    1. I would love to see a picture! I’ll bet you looked stunning.

      And I wish I could make a living off of this! I just get excited and happy when someone likes my picks and wants them for themselves.

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