Wednesday Wants: Kitsch!

I love the word quirky. I value quirk, originality, and kitsch. Thus, I love Plasticland. They meet all my kitschy needs. Today, I want to wear some kitsch!

Pearl Revolver Necklace

Because everybody needs an old-fashioned six shooter now and again.

Heart Leg Warmers

Do I need legwarmers in spring? Absolutely not. Do I want them? Absolutely yes.

Burlesque Striped Pantyhose

Let me go on record and say I hate the word “pantyhose”. But I love these stripes.

Swiss Summer T-Strap Heels

These make me think of the picnic scene in the movie The Pajama Game. I’d like to think that a picnic in the park would appear if I put these on.

What’s on your want list this Wednesday?


One thought on “Wednesday Wants: Kitsch!

  1. I love shoes, but I never get the real ridiculous ones that I want. Usually because I don’t have anything to wear with them and a wardrobe overhaul isn’t practical/affordable. But also because I’m a big believer in comfort, and I’m just more comfy in my Chucks.

    That said, I WANT THESE:

    Ridiculous? Probably.

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