Sofa Search

My couch is seven. I know this, because I bought it just before I started teaching, just before I moved from Washington State to California, seven years ago.

My couch is beige. I bought it because it had arms that kind of look like a bit of a Greek key pattern. Also, it had durable fabric and would go with anything. It has three cushions on the seat and three cushions on the back, all loose. And now, though the frame has held up pretty well, its best days are over. The cushions are saggy and baggy and no longer fit tight to the frame. There is a wear spot on one of the cushions, so I have to keep that one permanently turned over. And it’s really no longer comfortable to sit in. The cushions slide all the time, requiring me to constantly push them back into place. Since I’m moving East in a couple of months, I’ve decided that New Mexico shall be its final resting place. My sofa will not be taking the trip with me.

I’ve been pondering what kind of sofa I want next, and the only thing I know for sure is NOT BEIGE. I want a sofa with a color. I put it to Twitter, my confidante and guide, and got a lot of great suggestions, but one really resonated with me: NAVY. I love the idea of a blue velvet sofa. I have two cream colored barrel chairs that will go with any color, so I’ll do a palette of navy blue, cream, charcoal grey, and a pop of turquoise. I’ve also been thinking I want a sofa with a tight back, and I’ll pile on the pillows to make it comfortable. Then I can change the look if I want, too.

Of course, my favorite blue velvet sofa is out of my budget–trust Jonathan Adler to build the perfect blue sofa.

It looks both comfortable and classy.  Although it does have all the loose cushions, and not a tight back.

I kind of like the idea of a sofa with a chaise.  This sectional looks like you could sink right down into it.

This tufted sofa from Room Service doesn’t look quite as comfortable, but it is really gorgeous.  Love the nailhead trim.

I actually checked out a couple of grey sofas as well, thinking I could accent them with navy.  My favorite was the Cedric Sofa, with a bench cushion and a tight back.


The current front-runner, however is the Armen Living Sectional.  I love the curve, love the color, and the price is right.


Right now, I’m even more excited to move!


3 thoughts on “Sofa Search

  1. I’m looking for a similar couch in blue velvet… I’ve looked at most of the ones you have. I also noticed the Armen price esp compared to the Mitchell and Gold hehe. But not sure about comfort. Did you end up buying one?

    1. I didn’t end up buying a couch yet, but when I do, I am probably going for the La-Z-Boy option. I discovered that their Metro sofa (which is very reasonable and comfortable) comes in a blue microfiber velvet. That’s what I want now.

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