Find Me a Knock-Off!

My whole philosophy, that I think I get across pretty clearly on this blog, is that you can look good, fashionable, unique, vintage, and classy without spending an arm and a leg on designer brands.  There are products out there that single girls on teacher’s salaries can afford.  But today I find myself envying the rich, because I have fallen in love with a shoe, and I cannot find an equivalent.

Behold, the Loeffler Randall sandals I crave:

So chic!  So graphic!  So $475!  I don’t have that kind of money for shoes, I’m not afraid to say.  So I figured I could find something comparable out there in the wide world of affordable fashion.

*cue sad trombones*

It didn’t happen.  Not to say I didn’t find some nice black and white patterned sandals.

There were heeled mules, like these Kelly & Katie Savannah Print Sandals.

Heels with ties, like the Unisa Dasha Print Sandals.

I found a sandal with a bold graphic on the wedge, the Bandolino Lipsy.

There were even a couple of flat versions like the original, like the Black Multi Satin T-Strap Thong Flat Sandals from my favorite hoochie retailers, Ami Clubwear.


My favorites were, of course, the most expensive, although still not anywhere near to the look of the Loeffler Randalls.  They were the Vince Camuto Kolby.

This one has me stumped.  Can anyone find me a good knock-off of the Loeffler Randalls?*  Because even my mad Google-fu isn’t working for me.


*I will also accept a donation of $475 for shoes.  Heck, The Bloggess received over $400 in donations towards a taxidermy pig dressed like Scarlett O’Hara.  Worth a shot.

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