Wednesday Wants: Payless Shoes…or not…

I’m pretty open-minded.  I shop far and wide for cute shoes, and I know that some will have a shorter shelf life than others.  But if they’re cute, they might be worth the money I spend.

I own very few pairs of Payless shoes, but I look through their store from time to time.  Since I’m a half size, their selection is rather limited.  But somehow I stumbled upon something that blew my mind–Isabel Toledo does a line there.  It’s been a while since she’s showed anything, but her clothes are classic and well-designed.  Most famously, she designed this:

I RUSHED to the Payless website to see what the shoes looked like, and came across this:

First of all, OMG it’s a SHOOTIE.  I HATE that word.  It looks like the bastard child of a heel and a Lands’ End swim shoe.  It reminds me of the Timberland high-heeled boots that were both ugly and short-lived.  I also think your feet would look weird in this shoe.

There’s a wedge version, too!

Really, it’s not much better.

Poking around a little, I found that Christian Siriano does a shoe line for Payless, too!  I loved him on Project Runway!  Oh, Christian, give me something good!

Ummm…that’s not it.

What would I need with these hooker pumps?  And what’s the deal with the rope?  I feel like it’s a hot glue “embellishment” added by a teen girl wannabe fashionista to make it “like a boat shoe!”  Ugggggg!

Lela Rose does a collaboration, too, which I felt had the best shoes.  However, I have a question: when did tweed become a spring and summer fabric?  I feel like it’s too fall for this collection.

But, this IS the Wednesday Wants post, so if you assumed that I did find a couple of pairs of shoes that are worthwhile, you would be RIGHT.

Isabel Toledo hits the right note with this wedge:

The red wedge looks pretty hot with this one.  And the rope works with an espadrille, not a pump!

And a cute flat from Isabel Toledo:


Christian Siriano offers up a hooker shootie I’d wear.  And there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.  Can we call it a “cage heel” instead?

And the best shoe from Lela Rose is a wedge, too.  I am rockin’ the wedge for summer–you heard it here first.

I LOVE the print on the wedge.


What do you think?  Anyone for swimmy shoe pumps?  Do you hate the word “shootie” too?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: Payless Shoes…or not…

  1. OMG! i ADORE those last ones! and I am not even a wedge wearer. Or a shootie wearer either. and yes…i HATE the term shootie. along with jeggings. and brangelina. and ronste…heh…i will stop there before all the crazies come out. 😉

  2. I’ve never even heard the word “shootie” until just now. And I will never use it in a sentence. Unless I’m on wheel of fortune or jeopardy and they say “ugly shoe”

    I do however LOVE the little flat and the tweed. Good for fall.

  3. I love the wedges and the flats. Cuuuuuuute! I’m rockin’ the wedge this summer too. And cowboy boots…..if sassysmart ever takes me shopping! (J/K)

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