An Open Letter to My Cheap Metallic Strappy Shoes

Dear Bronze Metallic Strappy Heels from Payless That I Bought About Five Years Ago:

I am sorry I had to leave you in Texas. No one wanted that fate for you, least of all me. But when I put you on my feet on Saturday, to compliment my black and white polka dot dress, I noticed that the little cap piece that should barely cover my big toe no longer covered any of it, and my wonky big toes that kind of curve up at the tip were sticking out on display. And my pedicure had a chip in it. And you were no longer really comfortable to walk in. And your heels were worn down. You know how sometimes you stop really looking at items you own, and then it kind of hits you that you’re wearing a pair of pants with a rip in them, or a sweater that’s more pill than sweater? Unfortunately, Bronze Strappys, that happened with you.

These are good years we’ve had. I loved your versatility with my summer dresses. I loved that fact that you weren’t gold, or silver, but the more unique bronze. I loved your comfortable heel that was still dressy. But now…I have to move on. You’re in Texas, in a trash bag, and I’m not.

While I run the risk of being gauche, I thought it was only fair to show you what I’m considering for the future. Because I can’t live without a replacement for long.

Sometimes I think I want a shoe that’s familiar. That reminds me of you. So, this Kelly and Katie Snake Metallic Sandal is bronze, just like you, and strappy, just like you, but a little higher in the heel and more delicate:

Another bronze possibility has criss-cross straps like you had from Jessica Bennett. The Monroe Sandal is familiar, yet new.

Sometimes, however, I think I want something entirely different from you. Maybe something a little more modern, a little less dainty. Like these shoes from Lasonia, with the less than poetic name “S4423“.

Or there is this shoe, the Poetic Licence Belle of the Ball. It even brings flowers.

Whichever shoe I choose, I will remember you fondly.


Sorry you all had to witness that. But what do you think of my replacements? Or can you set me up? xoxo!


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