Last Time (Although I May Be Lying)

So, apparently nail polish is my new “thing”. It never used to be, I actually wrote about it on this blog. I’ve been filing and shaping and polishing my nails. So I have a new awareness of all things polish-y. And, of course, my recent obsession is Zoya. I mentioned their promo teases on Sunday, so I thought I would follow up with the details. I hope you had your account on Zoya made, otherwise, you’re out of luck!

Turns out the big promo is a BOGO (buy one, get one) promotion from their three new summer collections. Inspired by fashion week and the brights of summer, the three collections are Summertime, Sunshine, and ModMatte. For each bottle you buy, you get one free, up to seven bottles (seven purchased, seven free for a total of fourteen).

The Summertime collection is a vibrant cream collection with some eye-popping colors. I think my favorite is the strong turquoise, Breezi. I’m also liking the bluer of the two purples, Mira.

Zoya also made some short videos to show off their new collections and how they tie in with the summer fashions.

Zoya Sunshine is a metallic collection. Each of the polishes have a bit of gold metallic to them, like rays of sunshine. This is especially striking in Faye, the purple shade. I’m really liking the coral, Rica, since I don’t see a lot of corals that I like. The Reva is also a color with a lot of depth to it.

The collection I’m the most excited about is the ModMatte collection. Yes, it’s totally ’80’s, especially the shocking chartreuse. The colors are straight off a pair of Jams on the Cali coast. (If you know what I’m talking about, you win an awesomeness award.) I’m all about the matte nails right now, but all the mattes available have been winter colors–greys, dark blues, and purples. But these mattes are ready for summer! I think that the matte magenta, Lolly, is definitely going to be the first color in my cart.

So now I’m trying to decide–will it be 2 polishes? Four? Six? I think that I could certainly find some colors I like in these collections.

My title today is “Last Time”–I’m going to try to move on from Zoya for a while, because it has gotten a LOT of attention from me. But we’ll see…I make no promises. 🙂

What would you pick from the Zoya summer collections?


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