Cheap and Cheerful Sunglasses

Hello sunshine! It’s coming back again! Some of you might be designer sunglasses girls, and I will admit, they do look good. But in my world, sunglasses are used and abused. Throw them in the purse, down on the car seat, leave them lens-side down on my desk. I believe in quantity over quality, and as much as I like to have a couple of neutral pairs, I like to have some fun pairs, too. So today’s post will point you towards some cheap, bright, fun sunglasses that you don’t have to worry about losing, scratching, or breaking, because they’re all under $25.  If they’re a little too aggressively bright for you, most of them come in black, brown, or tortoiseshell, too!

UO Horizon Line Sunglasses


Fred Flare Dylan Sunglasses


AE Retro Oversized Sunglasses


80’s Purple Escapade Large Square Aviator Sunglasses


Lulu’s Leading Actress Shades


Ami Clubwear Black Silver Metal Detailed Plastic Sunglasses


Modcloth Hibiscus Hottie Sunglasses


80’s Purple Colorz Aviator Sunglasses


80’s Purple Nouveau Designer Oversized Sunglasses


Fred Flare Floral Shannen Sunglasses


Fred Flare Bridget Sunglasses


Anthropologie Lunettes de Soleil Sunglasses



2 thoughts on “Cheap and Cheerful Sunglasses

  1. Stop doing posts with things I love!! My faves are the leading actress, hibiscus and Anthro. And my glasses just broke so this is VERY timely!!

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