Pretty, Pretty Patio

I have had a few bad blogger days. I thought that I would have a lot of time to blog over this vacation time, but I’ve been busy or uninspired. My mind has been elsewhere. So has my body, as I took a little trip to Ohio. I went to check out a new school, and they offered me a job. And I took it! So next school year I have a new job! This is amazing for me, and I’m really excited about it. I looked at a bunch of apartments while I was out there, and now I’m thinking about a lot of design and decorating ideas.

I went to one apartment where they were pushy as could be, and I definitely would not want to live there. However, the girl showing me around asked me an interesting question; she asked if I had patio furniture, because “couldn’t you see yourself out on the patio having a barbecue?” I have a lawn chair. She was unimpressed.

One advantage of living in Ohio is that I will have an IKEA store not too far away. They have some great patio furniture, so I decided to put together my dream patio set. I decided on black and white with an infusion of hot pink. My dream patio contains a table, chairs, solar-powered lighting, candles, cushions and pillows, and even a little firepit to chase the chill off the nights.

What does your dream patio look like?


5 thoughts on “Pretty, Pretty Patio

  1. Mine would GINORMOUS!! And look like a living room instead of an outdoor space. I currently have black and creame furniture with a bright orange rug and vibrant mismatched candle holders and pillows. Nothing “matches” but it all “goes”.

    Oh and my Christmas tree box is out there too because apparently a 10 ft tree won’t fit in a patio storage closet. Classy.

  2. I have all of my rocking chairs lined up. They don’t look as good as they did on the front porch at my last house, but they are very comfortable. This year I plan to add a wooden picnic table, and maybe one of those fire pit things.

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