Business Casual

My darling friend Shane tweeted me the other day asking for a special blog post. She asked for a post on “cute edgy business casual” clothes. I was definitely up for the challenge! I’ve put together some items that I think would be great in a stylish business wardrobe.

Starting from the top! Right now there’s a throwback to cute office girl blouses. My recommendation is to find one in a cute color, pattern or with a little embellishment like ruffles. I’ve included sheer options; if you are in an office, make sure you wear a camisole underneath (Old Navy has great camis in lots of colors that go well underneath these blouses), and depending on how sheer they are, you might want to even put a jacket or cardigan over it.

A few good pairs of trousers are key. I like the versatility of a wide-legged pant; I also love the look of a cuff. In most business settings, skinny trousers aren’t very appropriate; if you choose to go skinny, I would say go with a nice fabric (lik tweed, here), and go for a cropped trouser and a heel. Something about the crop makes it a little more fashion forward.

Pencil skirts are a classic choice for work; a high-waisted skirt adds an edge to your regular pencil skirt. For a more relaxed look, an A-Line skirt works well, too. Shoot for a hemline just above or at the knee. And yay for bright colors and prints! A skirt is the perfect place for it.

If your office is even more casual, I have some options for that, too! I always am attracted to clothing with a little something extra–a print, an embellishment, or ruching. For summer, tunics in silk or chiffon are comfortable and stylish.

Stick to a classic style for your more casual pant; but change up the fabric. A relaxed cotton or linen, or even a dark lightweight denim can work for the casual office. I picked out another couple of pairs with wide legs, but a straight leg pant is great, too. I LOVE the pair on the right.

Now on to my favorite bit–work dresses! A classic shift dress is always work-appropriate. Again, if you work in a more conservative office, sleeveless dresses should be covered up with a cardigan or jacket. I’m loving the retro 60’s mod style coming back in for work.

Speaking of those jackets and cardigans…finding a good cardigan that’s not baggy and saggy is worth its weight in gold. Overly air-conditioned offices call for a neutral cardi just hanging around. Find a tissue-weight cardigan or a cropped cardigan for spring and summer days, or a cute short-sleeved jacket.

Extra bonus: Summer dresses! It’s coming up! I love the sunshine colors of these work-appropriate dresses. Perfect for the sweltering days ahead.

Thanks to Shane for the idea! Hope you find at least a couple of things that you like!


6 thoughts on “Business Casual

  1. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you!! And when I get another office job I am taking YOU with me (virtually I’m sure) shopping.

    I love the teal blouse and the one “second interview”, LOVE the cropped tweed (so serious), the shifts are IDEAL!!! But my FAVORITE is the beautiful yellow and white summer dress from Anthro (of course).

    So basically, I want it all. I’ve been in such a suit world for so long I forget about pretty clothes. Thank you for shopping and inspiring me!!

    I love you!!!

    1. Love you, too! Suits are boring. Business casual should be fun! There are so many things I can picture you in. Love the Anthro dress–they have the best stuff. Glad you liked it! I’m at your disposal whenever you get another office job.

  2. the yellow & white dress would be so perfect for Shane–with her long hair & coloring. And can’t you see her in that 3/4-sleeved dress with the multi-colored deep V? It’s one of those dresses that I know would make us exclaim, “It looks even cuter ON,”

    Great job, Freya Meya, as Jane calls you.

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