Should obsessions be fed?

I have been pondering this for about a week, ever since I got my exclusive invitation to Sole Society. Associated with the flash sale site HauteLook, this is basically a subscription shoe service. You take a style quiz, and your virtual closet is populated with shoes based on your style.

My style, apparently, is classic, understated, and elegant. Stop laughing. That’s what the quiz said! Is it any wonder that my first closet full of shoes was disappointing, at best. I didn’t like any of the bland shoes on offer. I may like classic clothes, but south of my ankle is Fun Town. Fortunately, you can ask for another batch of shoes, and the second try is better. There are actually some fun colors and styles.

So, the deal is, you pick which shoe you want for the month, and order it. Once you’ve placed your first order, every month you will have options to choose from. You can skip a month, no penalty. And the shoes are a good price; only $49.95 a pair.

So why am I stressed out about this? First of all, all of the shoes are by one designer. And when I Google that designer, this comes up:


Apparently Marco Santi is not just for shoes, but also for Mixed Martial Arts. And Marco Santi shoes can only be found on Sole Society. Exclusive is good, but on the other hand, I don’t know what kind of quality these shoes are. Will they fit my feet? Will they be comfortable? Will they be falling apart in no time at all?

Then there’s the purely practical question that I shudder to ask: how many pairs of shoes are too many? If I’m buying a pair of shoes from Sole Society every month, does that mean I can’t buy more shoes from other places? Or that I won’t have the shoe money? It gives me pause. I’m also having Columbia House flashbacks–yes, 8 tapes for a penny were awesome, and I jammed out to my Depeche Mode, but then it just seemed like a hassle–a lot of mailings and sending back unwanted items. What if I forgot to reject a month’s shoe purchase, and they sent me something ugly? Quelle horreur!

What do you think? Would you sign up for Sole Society? Or give it a pass?


11 thoughts on “Shoe-of-the-Month-Club

  1. There is a site that is like that Bag Borrow and Steal site but for shoes. All designer. I would do that if I had the extra money. And was ok with possible foot fungus.

  2. I got an invite to join this club too! I didn’t really look into it (mostly because I know shoes in size GIGANTIC won’t be available) but it sounds risky. If the shoes are ill fitting, they may charge an exorbitant amount to return them.

    A new pair of shoes every month does sound really nice, though.

  3. I’m torn. I think it *could* be cool.

    However, I lump shoes in with jeans and bathing suits…. MUST try on in store. Even if that means traveling (home to LA? North to Seattle?) to try the item on.

    Also, the shipping is $9, and if you want to return the shoes, it’s also another $9

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. I’m drawn in by some of the shoes, but I rarely buy shoes on the internet. I have shoes in my closet in three sizes; how do I know these are going to fit? And no free returns? I don’t think I like the idea of paying $18 for nothing.

  4. Great post, and great questions,
    I joined soul society because I love haute look and it’s free to join. The concept of the site is fun, and they make it fun to interact with. I like the quiz in the beginning. It’s nice to get fashion inspiration from, however, I would never buy anything from that site. I think you’re spot on in your criticism. They are not candid at all about where these shoes come from or how they’re made, and they’re not even gung ho about promoting the brand (sketchy, yes, I think so). I love this: “Material: fabric.” O.k. what kind of fabric?? No details whatsoever. The “fashion insider” quotes promoting the items are somewhat convincing, but do I really trust a thumbnail image of some pretty face? No. I think the format of the site would work better as a shoe community. Anyway I sure as hell do not have a closet big enough for a new pair of shoes every month. Maybe one day….

    1. “Material: fabric”–REALLY? Ugh. That tells me NOTHING. I also found the “recommendations” slanted. I much prefer to see positives and negatives, so I can get a real idea of what I’m going to get. I like your idea of a shoe community. Much less biased.

      As for closet space? I can make room… šŸ™‚

  5. I am not a shoe buyer. ::GASP:: i know. shocking. but even if i was, i don’t think i could pull the trigger on this. the rare times that i do buy shoes i must try them on in person. i can’t imagine the hassle it would be for someone who really LIKES shoes to pick, order, wait and then if they don’t work out, have to return them.

    despite all that though, those pink ones at top are GORGE!

  6. Hey all, After I got the email for the site, I googled for information on this and one of the first blogs I saw was this post. Since no one really knew anything about it, I decided to go for it and just wanted to report back on my thoughts. I bought 4 pairs and am very happy with the general quality of the Marco Santi shoes. They are as comfortable as my designer shoes and the ruffle sandal is really awesome, I got it in both colors. A commenter above said that shipping is $9 but it was free for my order and returns are 7.95 if you choose to take the return on your credit card (rather than exchange or get an account credit) so not sure where they saw that information. It’s honestly a great deal for shoes as far as I’m concerned and I’m not unhappy with my purchases at all. I will note that I had to exchange two pairs because these are true American sizes vs the European sizes I am used to dealing with. I don’t know how long they will last yet, but I really feel like I got a bargain!


    1. Thanks for the update! That sounds like a good recommendation for the service. If you have any further thoughts, make sure you come back and let us know! šŸ™‚

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